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Luscious Love

The classic summer love story of a girl meeting a girl, and the lingerie store they both work at that threatens to ruin it all. 

This romance, set during Mina’s first summer job, explores new love, body image and the frustrations of working in retail.

Centering around first love, cultural expectations, and class, Luscious Love is the story of a girl realizing she needs to accept the love she deserves and take the leap of faith before it’s too late.

Committed to amplifying female voices, author Katerina Bakolias highlights the traps we fall into when we have low self-worth. In her debut novel Luscious Love, Bakolias crafts a narrative where her main character must allow herself to be loved, learn to love herself and stand up against a boss who's all too willing to take advantage of her low self-esteem.


168 Pages.




Lorimer; 1st edition (Feb. 13 2024)


Ages 13+

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