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Zomblet with Villains Theatre

It's going to be a great Fall!

Something is rotting in the state of Denmark…

The Villains Theatre is proud to announce the cast and creative team of ZOMBLET, running Oct 23-27 at The Bus Stop Theatre Co-op!

First Reading


Strange, supernatural sightings have been made around the old Elsinore Boneyard. Prince Hamlet - lamenting the o’er-hasty marriage of his mother and uncle - is not oblivious to these unnatural disturbances, but little does he realize that his father’s return heralds something far darker and SPOOKIER than he could ever imagine. Along with his fellow Danes, he sets out on what should be your run-of-the-mill tale of revenge… were it not for all the zombies.

This Halloween, The Villains are partnering with Terra Novella Theatre to present the world premiere of a new horror-comedy by Dan Bray. Hamlet, Ophelia, Horatio, and the whole gang - plus a special appearance by Christopher Marlowe’s favourite demonic duo - are all that stand in the way of an unholy plague bent on destroying Elsinore. Irreverent, intelligent, and very very cheeky, Zomblet is a TRICK for Shakespearean die-hards and a TREAT for Halloween fanatics.

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