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Premiered May 24th- 29th 2022 at Neptune Theatre's Scotiabank Studio Stage 

About the Play


’ Til  Death  Do  Us  Part is a farce about love, marriage, and how far those bonds can be pushed before they break. At a small-town hotel, Kira and Ryan are two days from their wedding, when, through a series of unfortunate events, they wake up to a dead stranger in their bed.  With friends and family arriving by the minute, and Kira’s disapproving mother breathing down their necks, the couple must hide the body and get through dinners, rehearsals and family celebrations without being discovered.  As they struggle to keep their secret under wraps, cracks in their seemingly perfect relationship appear and multiply, leading to a race to the altar where they face that age-old question: “If you can’t hide a body together, why are you getting married in the first place?” 


Directed by Samantha Wilson

Written by Katerina Bakolias


Kick At The Dark Theatre was formed in 2015 as a company dedicated to presenting theatrical, socially-conscious performance in Halifax, NS. Its inaugural production of Morris Panych’s  The Story of A Sinking Man, starring Andrew Chandler, went on to win the  Atlantic Fringe Festival’s “Best Performer” award; and won the 2016 Robert Merritt Award for "Outstanding Production by a New or Emerging Company”.




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Production Photos by Stoo Metz Photography:


S.L., Audience Member

A rollicking farce that deals with the complexities and tribulations of love, marriage, and covering up a potential murder. Laugh out loud funny tied together with touching moments that make each character a value to the story.

Audience Reviews


Janet & Sophie, Audience Members

We were delightfully surprised by this hilarious frolicking goofy play! The performers timed their facial expressions and pratfalls perfectly to bring this witty script to life! When you thought they “wouldn’t go there” they did! Twisty turny fun!


RJC, Audience Member

Not only was delighted to see a production by a local author performed, but it was also terrific. Great set, wonderful actors, hilarious storyline. Well done!

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